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For over 32 years, JCR has been providing top quality service, training, and support — earning an exemplary reputation amongst our clients, customers, and peers. JCR is continually seeking qualified, motivated individuals who are up to the task of balancing the unique demands of being a member of an emergency response team.

Structure Operations Manager

Added on: 04/18/2017
Job Title: Structure Operations Manager
Reports To: General Manager
Summary: Summary The Structure (STR) Operations Manager will be responsible for the performance of the STR Production Manager, Project Managers, Superintendents, Field Coordinators, Construction Technician and a Budget Coordinator; in addition to ensuring a high [...]
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Team Coordinator – Structure Division

Added on: 08/18/2016
Job Title: Team Coordinator - Structure Division
Reports To: Structure Administration Director
Summary: Summary The Team Coordinator is primarily responsible for assisting a Project Manager and Superintendent with the clerical, administrative and accounting functions of managing the projects of their respective team. The Team Coordinator is also responsible [...]
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