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Five Tips to Keep Pipes from Freezing

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Candace Johnson

While much of the Chicagoland area has been spoiled with mild temperatures so far this winter, we are on the verge of our second cold snap this weekend. One of the biggest issues with extreme cold is frozen pipes. No one wants to deal with the fall out, so take a moment to check out a few simple tips to keep them from freezing on you.

  1. Turn up the thermostat

pipes in home freezing

If you have an older home with a un-insulated crawl space, cranking up the heat, rather than conserving energy will increase the air temperature in the crawl space. This will help keep pipes from freezing.

  1. Open cabinet doors

Kitchen and bathroom sink pipes are exposed, and can be prone to freezing if they face an exterior wall. Open the cabinet doors to let the heat from your home flow into the space and keep the pipes warmer.

  1. Place a space heater near your exposed pipes

Unprotected pipes can be kept warm by placing a space heater near them to keep water flowing. Remember, you don’t need to really crank the heat up, just be sure it’s warm enough to keep the water above freezing.

  1. Create a foam board barrier to insulate larger areas

If the area you’re trying to protect is pretty big, foam board can be a temporary fix. Foam board can be purchased at craft or office supply stores. It’s very easy to cut and you can use either faced or un-faced foam board. Mark the surface you want to place the board with a permanent marker, score both sides with a utility knife, and snap it on the line. You can then secure it in place to wood framing with 1 ¼ inch drywall screws.

  1. Let the faucet drip

When freezing weather conditions happen, allow your faucets to drip with lukewarm water. You’ll notice that pipes are starting to freeze if water pressure is less than normal.

If a Pipe Bursts:

Shut off water at the main valve.

If the break is in a pipe that runs hot water, close the valve on the top of the water heater.

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*Thank you to DKI for these tips.

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