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JCR is a proud restoration expert appearing on Chicago radio

Senior First Responders Cory Ambrose and Pete Marrero appear regularly on Chicago radio to help listeners through home or building disasters. From flood, to fire, to storm or mold damage, they offer their advice, assistance and expertise on what to do when property damage occurs.

Cory Ambrose discusses the recent news of JCR’s merger with BluSky Restoration Contractors

Pete Marrero discusses the detailed process of mold remediation with the Home Sweet Home Chicago crew

Pete Marrero discusses recent water damage claims in Chicagoland and what our process is for restoration

JCR's Cory Ambrose discusses how we are helping during Chicagoland's summer storms

JCR's Cory Ambrose talks about our owner being a "titan" of restoration on a national level

JCR’s Pete Marrero discusses a listener’s fire damage at his home

JCR’s Pete Marrero discusses Summer 2021 storms and resulting water damage

JCR’s Pete Marrero discusses how we can help home and business owners

JCR’s Cory Ambrose discusses long term water damage

JCR’s Cory Ambrose reviews the very serious subject of fire damage and fire restoration

JCR’s Pete Marrero discusses water damage stemming from ice damming with a listener

JCR's Pete Marrero helps a local listener with water damage

​JCR's Cory Ambrose discusses chimney safety, fire damage and large water damage project in Wisconsin

JCR's Cory Ambrose discusses recent large water damage project in downtown Chicago high-rise

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J.C. Restoration is now BluSky Restoration!

  • We are the same local team, located in Rolling Meadows, IL
  • We now have the power of a nationwide network of 46 offices across 19 states
  • We are now your source for commercial roofing and healthcare restoration
  • Proud to serve our commercial and residential customers 24/7/365

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