Date of Loss: October 2018

Building Type: University Housing

Location: Chicago, IL

Loss Event: Water

Services: Water Mitigation

building at loyola university
water mitigation in dorm
water damage in university housing
Loyola University

Description Of Work


Chicago, IL – water damage to residential housing at a university, due to a burst pipe. It affected the entire unit and two units on either side, as well as traveled down to the floors below to more residential units as well as offices and a main floor storage area. Affected materials included drywall, wood base, vinyl base, carpet tile and insulation. The JCR water mitigation team manipulated all contents, removed carpet tiles, wood base and vinyl, and set up drying equipment. Holes were drilled for proper drying, and the entire affected areas were cleaned and disinfected.

JCR crews successfully dried the impacted areas to the customer’s satisfaction.