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Championship People

To use Teaming and Leadership to transform the traditional culture into a participative culture–from a “Do as you are told” to a “Do whatever it takes” culture.

Jul 16th, 2020 | 1:00 pm

About This Event

In today’s leadership environment, the efficacy, or the power to produce results with those people that we lead or serve is 75% the environment that you create around those people and the personality that you insert into that same environment. Only 25% of your leadership effectiveness comes from your technical skills. We will explore the environmental, personal, and technical planning necessary to deliver on this vital equation of leadership. We want to Make It Matter each and every day!

Featured Speaker

mike gallina headshot

Mike Gallina

Mike is currently the Vice President of Organizational Development and Community Engagement for the AultCare Health Plans.  Prior to joining AultCare, Mr. Gallina’s career spanned thirty (30) years in the field of education.  Mr. Gallina is a motivational and keynote speaker, having provided talks, presentations, and retreats all across Ohio and several other states. Mike serves on numerous boards and civic organizations in and around northeast Ohio, with the Canton and North Canton areas as his primary service area.

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