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How Are We Going To Emerge From This?

The best thing you can be right now is prepared yet adaptable. Learn how to position your business in these uncertain times, so you can move through (and emerge from) COVID-19.

Apr 30th, 2020 | 2:00 pm

About This Event

It may feel like your business was put on hold while the world navigates through the global pandemic. We can’t necessarily predict what’s to come, but we can prepare ourselves and become adaptable to different case scenarios. Jim Bagnola concludes this four-part webinar series with insight into moving onward from the COVID-19 crisis as an organization.

Featured Speaker

speaker jim bagnola

Jim Bagnola

Jim Bagnola is President of the Leadership Group Int’l., an executive coach, an international speaker, and a corporate educator. He is an expert in the field of leadership and body-mind management, focusing on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success, and the capacity to lead. He has been speaking and educating worldwide for over 25 years, examining the intersection of leadership and health. He has presented on six continents as well as all over the United States.

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